Photo by Mike Petrucci (Public Domain)

My heart is in my eyes, like a periscope

reaching up from deep inside my chest,

feeling everything I see.

But not seeing everything I feel,

I choke and sputter,

searching for a picture,

a story to settle the waves.

Fumbling, my fingers

cannot draw the dream,

cannot sculpt the scene

and so I paint with words.

Paint a landscape

with letters in black and white,

lines and curves

that you speak to life

with your heart-voice,

your mind-voice,

your silent voice only you can hear.

And your soul’s ear

hears my unsung song,

melting words like wax, into colors

that splash across the canvas

of your mind.

You color in my landscape with you.

So that together,

you and I,

we create this something.

This one thing.


We paint a world.

© Nichole Liza Q.

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