Adventures of a First Year College Mom

So seriously, who’s idea was college anyway? Who ever thought: Gee, let’s take hundreds, if not thousands, of teenagers from the safety of their homes and put them all together in one place for months on end? Where was that guy’s level headed friends? (Yes, I am assuming it was a guy.) One would think that the mere mention of such an idea would have been enough to raise a red flag in the mind of most reasonable adults – or at least anyone who has ever raised, seen or been near a teenager. Common sense must have been out of town that day – or no

one envisioned co-ed college in the 21st century –  and soon enough, places were being built to house the hoardes of maturing youngsters.

But what kind of place? Of course, it must one that is perpetually too small for them, that always has too little housing for its guests, and whatever rooms are available offer just a few feet more than than square footage to person ratios of Manila, Phillipines. As for the ratio of showers, toilets and sinks to a student…well, I’m pretty sure you can find more favorable numbers at your nearest prison. To top that off, these same students – the ones living like chickens on a Perdue farm – are then hired by the college to make and serve food in the cafeteria…to one another… Are you getting the picture? I have not even described all other manner of closeness that might occur on a campus full of young adults, but if we’re being real – and you know I like to be real – we can’t ignore the possibilities.  All that (and trust me, I’ve barely scratched the surface) and it’s no wonder students must now recieve nearly enough vaccinations to gain them admittance into a third world country before any college will allow them to move in!

Oh, and did I mention, that all this can be yours for the low, low price of say….$40,000/year?

Photo by John Phelan
Photo by John Phelan

Wow. I’m not even sure what else to write about. That just sort of says it all doesn’t it? But no, there’s more. I never get off the hook that easy…and neither do you. I’ve just decided…seriously, like right now…to report our college initiation adventures, along with some tips for you moms and dads out there, in segments. Otherwise, this post will be way too long and neither you nor I really want to deal with that. Besides, I’m tired and I want to go to bed. So here’s your first tip:

Tip #1 ~ Don’t think about it too much. See how thinking gets me into trouble? If not, I have to wonder if you were paying any attention at all. Just read that first paragraph again! That is a glimpse into the brain of someone who thinks too much. What unhealthy wandering! And look, now I’ve subjected you to it. Goodness gracious – learn from me! Think less and PRAY MORE! Prayer – the solace of every parent who has finally realized she can not control her child’s life; and your best access to the One who can bring you peace, even if your daughter is living on Cheez-its, sleeping 4 hours a night and residing in the same building as 100 testosterone charged men. Yes, think less…PRAY MORE! 

© Nichole Liza Q.

8 thoughts on “Adventures of a First Year College Mom

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  1. Oh, thanks a lot Nichole…I hadn’t even thought about the “100 testosterone charged men.” Great, something new I’ll have to worry about! 😉 haha
    But you’re right, trusting them to the Father in prayer is the ONLY, and I mean ONLY, way to find comfort.
    your fellow prayer warrior sistah 🙂

  2. After all that I will take your TIP #1 to heart. My adventure will be this Tuesday and my perspective maybe “100 estrogen charged females wandering around looking for”…. not my son – help!!!
    Keep the tips coming! You make me laugh when my heart is hurting (written with tears in my eyes).

  3. I think this “blog” is a good outlet for you, Nichole.
    Although I can’t relate to my children going off to college, I can relate to my children starting their own lives, and falling in love with someone. Spending more, and more time with their spouses, and being involved with their spouses families as well. Having their own children, and as a Mom you start taking a back seat. It hurts, but certainly for the better of the children. As a grandmother, not only do you worry about your children in their day to day coming and going, after all they are still your children, then you start worrying about your grandchildren. It seems like a never ending cycle. You going off for over a month cross country, whew I don’t think I slept well at all. So thankful for your safe return. As a Mom, you hurt when your children, and grandchildren hurt but on the flip side, you are so happy when things are going so well, and can enjoy the moments with them. I believe as a parent, you instill right from wrong, good vs bad, and although children will test the waters now and then, they turn themselves around, because of the foundation provided by the parents. Prayers are with you all and your children.
    I am looking forward to your view, and experience as a First Year College Mom.

  4. WOW….I don’t even know what to say………I love your honesty and candidness. You really are a great writer and I am glad that you have this outlet. I am praying for you, Holly, and Lori as you all begin this adventure.
    Just remember girls….you have done alot of great work raising these kids…….that has got to count for something….right??????????
    Again…..praying for you and for them!!!

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