CC Day 5-Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, Devil’s Tower by Christina

Hi everyone this is Christina is blogging today! Yesterday we went to Mt. Rushmore and it was amazing to see the scratches on their faces from where they were carving. When we looked up through a cave you could see George Washington face through a crack. But you can only see it so much or eventually it loses its excitement.

When we were on our way to Devil’s Tower, we saw buffalo flooding the streets. They were everywhere. It was like you were in buffalo land. None were the same; there were babies and parents. Some were nice and some were mean, but the only thing you kept thinking was “What if? What if? What if?” After we finally got through the buffalo at one mile per hour, we finally got to Devil’s Tower.

Devil’s Tower looked like it was climbing its way to the sky. It’s a 1,000 feet tall and looks like a giant bear scratched the sides of it. Scientists believe that its leftover magma from a volcano core. When we were hiking around the tower we finally saw some people, a dad and his daughter. And of course as dad is he asks them to take a picture of our family. So we started talking with them and the girl was very nice. Her name was Kirsten and she’s going into 5th grade just like me. She seemed very nice and I hope we get to meet up with them again on their cross country road trip because we are going to alot of the same places.

Once we finally we got on our way to the hotel, there was a thunder and lightning storm. You could see the sunset through the thunderstorm. The sky was flaming bright orange and looked like it was on fire burning the land.

It was a great day and I miss you all.

CC Day 4 – The Prairie and The Badlands

The prairie was a completely new experience for this lifelong New Englander. Though I had never been there, a love for the prairie settled in my heart years ago when I first read the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. If not for her books, I wouldn’t have known that the prairie isn’t really flat but a series of low, rolling, green and gold hills. Nor would I have been prepared for the giant dome of sky and the inescapable sunshine. For those of you who have never been, the prairie (in June anyway) is an awful lot like being at the ocean: hot under the big, blue sky and bright sun with a constant warm blowing breeze. The land is flat and covered in low growing grass and one feels that just as she reaches the top of the next hill, there she will find the ocean. But instead she sees only more hills, more grass, more sky.  There are waves, not of blue and white, but of green and gold, and instead of the smell of salt air, one breathes in the dry scent of prairie grass and earth. Yet it is quiet. No surf pounding against the shore. Just gentle, sweet rustling. What a beautiful, free place!

I imagine that prolonged time on the prairie can get rather monotonous and when the Ingalls arrived here there were no trees, no barns, no silos – just grass and sky. I can hardly imagine it! My family endured several stops to satisfy my Little House affections. We visited Walnut Grove, Plum Creek, Silver Lake (sort of) and two museums. We rode on a covered wagon, made corn cob dolls (I made one too), went in a sod hous and two actual houses Laura lived in and wrote about. It was wonderful!

After that we drove on to the badlands. What a difference! We left the rustic but relatable stories of family life on the prairie and walked into the surreal, dreamlike rock formations of the badlands. I have experienced nothing like it before and I am not sure I will again. This is one of those rare occasions where I am at a loss for words. So today you get to see our first picture! We are limited by Doug’s wireless access account as to how many pictures we can upload. This means most of our pics have to be uploaded via hotel internet access and we just haven’t had time. Enjoy this one to the fullest…not sure how long it will be before I upload the next one!

We ended the day by racing a storm to our hotel. The lightning was an awesome sight because out here you can see the storms miles and miles away. We were driving west into the setting sun and the sky behind us and to our south was almost black. The result was a giant double rainbow rising from the farms up into the dark clouds. The combination and seeming paradox of such beauty and ferocity at once reminded of our God: mighty, beautiful, strong, compassionate…simply awe inspiring.

Well, we’re off again. Hope you can feel my cyber hug!